Marshall Traction Engine Victoria Empress of India no.14242 emerges from a barn in 1980 when Peter Fagg purchased her

Victoria’s life in Pictures

We thought that some of our Victoria fans would be interested in the life of the real Victoria in pictures before her book fame.

She was built in 1886 and delivered to Petersfield, Hampshire, to Walter Seward. Here she worked for many years before being laid up in the workshop in Petersfield in 1933. She stayed here being cared for by the Seward family until she was sold off in 1969. Victoria then had a couple of owners who didn’t do much with her and she sat in a barn for most of those years until 1980 when a gentleman called Peter Fagg decided her would like to buy her and get her up and running.

Through 1980 and 1981 Peter set to work, bringing Victoria back to life. He kept her until 2002 when Wendy and her family bought her, and this is where Victoria enjoys her time now as a beautiful traction engine and fame as the main character in the Victoria’s Torton Tales story books.

Below are some pictures of Victoria from when she was in the shed in Petersfield, coming out the barn when Peter Fagg bought her, her restoration (many thanks to Ian Langley for the restoration pictures), right up to current day. Enjoy!

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