Roser the Steam Roller

Roser is a lovely steam roller.

His wheels, called “Rolls”, are metal with a smooth surface that help make repairs to the road flat when he rolls over it. 

Like most steam rollers, Roser has a solid flywheel without spokes, and a roof or canopy over the footplate where the driver and steersperson stand.

He has compound cylinders, which means he has two cylinders that use the steam from his boiler twice, instead of once like a single cylinder engine does.

Roser spends most of his time working with his very best friend, Tanner.

Roser’s favourite thing to do

Rosers has a special machine attached to him called a “scarifier” which he uses to rip up old parts of the road to make the ground ready to be repaired. He loves using his scarifier!

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Roser the Compound Steam Roller

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