Victoria's Torton Tales
The original series of steam traction engine children's storybooks

These fun, colourful picture storybooks, created by children’s author Wendy Wakelin, are huge hits with children aged 3 to 9 years old. Each book has themes of friendship, doing your best and helping each other.

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Victoria likes nothing more than spending a busy day working with her owner, Mr. Seward, and friend Albert, bringing the sacks of corn in from the fields. Today there’s a surprise when Victoria discovers something in the barn at Mr. Andrews’ farm.

Victoria and Pop always enjoy sunny days and the peace and quiet of the countryside at Mr Seward’s yard. Today they hear a strange noise coming up the road. It sounds like a very loud purring cat! What could it be?

It had been quite some time since poor old Pop was last in steam and helping Mr Andrews on his farm. When Pop was found by Victoria and Mr. Seward they said they would help him, but that was weeks ago! Pop longed to be out in the sunshine instead of being stuck in a cold, damp and dusty barn with junk piled up around him. Will he ever leave the barn again?

It’s an early start for best friends, Roser and Tanner, the steam rollers. As usual, Tanner wants to get going, and Roser is happy to be out and about with his friend. On this trip, Tanner is given the chance to try something new, that normally only Roser does. Will she do it?

It’s only a few days until the Teddy Bears’ Picnic Party, and Victoria is very excited to be going. She would really like to take a teddy bear of her own to the picnic, but Mr Seward doesn’t have one for her, so asks Mrs Seward if she can help?

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Victoria and Albert exciting book promotion

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Albert joins Victoria

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