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Victoria has been out!

Victoria has come out from underneath her cover and been for a little trip out, not too far but never the less it was a trip out for her and us and it was amazing to be back on her footplate.

With the weather not completely on our side, we risked it because in the morning the sun was shining and no rain! We steamed up and gave her a clean so she could look her best for her first trip out for 2021. Before to long she was ready for a trundle around the Hampshire roads.

First with Lloyd and Jack on the footplate. Then it was time for Alice to have a go, the first time for her on Victoria’s footplate, she and Jack went off up the road.

Then it was Wendy’s turn! Wendy doesn’t get much time on Victoria’s footplate as she is usually on Lady’s footplate, but Lady wasn’t out today so time for Wendy and her husband Lloyd to take a lovely trip up the road on Victoria. Wendy said, “It’s great to be back out with Victoria. We have all missed this so much!”

And last but not least it was Harry’s turn. So we all got a go, which felt great. It was a lovely day and we are really looking forward to be back out and about with Victoria and Lady in the future. We will keep you up to date with any news of events, but as of yet we have nothing confirmed, although there is talk of a few events later in the year so let’s keep our fingers crossed. 

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