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Victoria is home

With the weather turning wet and it will soon be getting cold we decided to move Victoria from her summer home and bring her back to her winter quarters where she can be kept warm and when the weather turns cold she can have her little heater on her footplate to keep the frost away.

Jack also had a little trip out on Finnigan just to make sure he is ok! He’s also been moved to his usual winter spot.

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It’s only a few miles from the farm to home but it was a lovely little trip and as always Victoria enjoyed being out on the road chuffing along.

It’s now time for her to have her steam test so on Sunday she was drained of water and this weekend she will be prepared for her cold visual test and then she will have her steam test a few days later. We have been asked to attend a local school for their Christmas Fair so we are hoping to get along to that at the end of November and then weather permitting we might get out for a run to the pub for lunch around Christmas time.

It’s great to have Victoria back home.

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