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Happy Tuesday to you all, now we all know we have the fantastic VTT t-shirts and Hoodies but did you know on our sister page we also do a lovely range of steam t-shirts and Hoodies for children and adults. With 3 different designs to choose from Steam Revolution, Road Steam and Steam & Oil, they have been a big hit with steam engine fans and we’re keen to get them out there for you all to see.

Which would you choose?

They are available in an array of colours and sizes to choose from and look great to wear wherever you go.

Take a look on our Sewards of Petersfield page and order some for you, family and friends.

Don’t forget you can also order you Victoria merch from this website.

We hope to see many Victoria Torton Tales and Sewards of Petersfield t-shirts out on the rally field in 2022.

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