Roser and Tanner Steam Roller Friends: Volume 3 (Victoria's Torton Tales)

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The third story in the series Victoria's Torton Tales. It's an early start for best friends, Roser and Tanner, the steam rollers. As usual, Tanner wants to get going, and Roser is happy to be out and about with his friend. On this trip, Tanner is given the chance to try something new, that normally only Roser does. Will she do it?

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Enjoy the Fun and Adventures with Victoria The Traction Engine's friends, Roser and Tanner, from "Victoria's Torton Tales"

What is the new thing Tanner gets the chance to do while away working with Roser to repair the roads in the village of Durford? Will she be able to do it?

Roser and Tanner live in the town of Torton, with Mr Seward and his other traction engines. They are the best of friends and love working together.

Roser and Tanner Steam Roller Friends is a colourful, joyful introduction to the world of steam rollers and the work they do to fix the roads, with illustrations on how steam engines like Roser and Tanner work after the story. It comes from the series, “Victoria's Torton Tales”. Filled with bright and lively pictures, it is suitable for children aged 3+, or for steam engine lovers of any age! Its large format also makes it perfect for story-sharing among the family, or for a gift. It can also be combined with a Victoria's Torton Tales birthday card, complete with a picture to colour in on the inside.

Parents and grandparents alike have commented that their children love these books.

Children absolutely love the stories from "Victoria's Torton Tales".

Sneak Peep inside:

Sneek peek inside Roser and Tanner Steam Roller Friends

It was a very early start at Sewards’ Yard. Roser and Tanner, the steam rollers, were getting ready for a busy couple of days repairing roads.

Tanner was awake, and she couldn’t wait to get going. Roser was still half asleep, Tanner asked him, “I wonder where we’re going today?” Not so keen, Roser replied in a hushed voice, “Shhh! You’ll wake the other engines. It’s too early to be chatting.” Tanner never stopped talking; it was difficult for her to keep quiet.

Mr Seward and George opened the large workshop doors. The other engines were starting to wake up and enjoyed the warm sunlight streaming in. “Good morning, everyone”, said Mr Seward. “Morning,” all the engines replied; some more sleepily than others.

George lit Roser and Tanner’s fires with wood and made sure they had plenty of coal in their bunkers and water in their tenders. Mr Seward polished their paint and brass, making them lovely and clean, ready to go out on the road. Before long, with the wood burning well, George put coal on their fires.

What Victoria's Fans say about their books...

Marie Austin

I have two very happy boys this morning. Thank you for our book.

Victoria Rose

Fab books x

Wendy Dawes

Brilliant books my 3 year old loves it especially when victoria is a marshall the same as ours

Valerie Bull

My granddaughter loves these books awaiting next.

Jo Wothers

Look forward to reading these with my granddaughter.

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