Working on the trailer

Jubilee Weekend

We have had a very busy weekend but not with Victoria!

It’s been a slightly different weekend for us as Victoria hasn’t even been uncovered! But our weekend has been a full on time.

Starting with Thursday and we were at the local car show with our new toy, a Lancia Volumex Coupe. Before we had Victoria, nearly 20 years ago,  we had Lancia’s and Alfa’s which we use to take to shows but since having Victoria we haven’t attended any car shows, so this was our first car show we had attended for years. With Vernon the Volumex all clean and shinny it was off to the show. We had a great day, although many people asked us were Victoria was and some people didn’t recognise us as we weren’t in our overalls with a rag in our hand! It was a fun day and very much enjoyed by Wendy, Lloyd and the family.

Vernon in Petersfield

Friday was a day of trying to get on with our trailer, so up early and up the farm, Lloyd, Jack and Kev worked all day and made great progress as you can see from the picture but in the evening we had a family BBQ to sort, Wendy had been home all afternoon sorting the house, garden and cooking food. The evening was great, family and friends joined us for a great time although the rain did try and ruin the fun but not in this house, it was all inside for more food and fun.

Trailer work June 22

Family bbq 2022

Saturday, well the first job was to tidy the house and garden after our little get together last night! Then it was back up the farm to do more to the trailer, Wendy was off on the road on “Lady Pride of England” the Burrell Showman’s engine, she was just off a mile down the road to an event.
More jobs done to the trailer in the afternoon and then in the evening back to the event “Lady” was at so we could help Kev set up to do a bit of generating and then at 8pm it was time to bring “Lady” home and back in her barn.

Lady At Greatham June 2022

Sunday, a big day, it was Wendy’s birthday, it was raining so no trailer work or getting Victoria out, so it was off to the garden centre, (one of Wendy’s favourite places) to get some more flowers for the garden. She filled the boot of the car up and then we spent a lovely afternoon just seeing friends and drinking tea and coffee, with a lovely meal in the evening from the local pub for tea. A perfect day…

Wendys birthday flowers

Wendy would like to say a very big thank you to all of you that has wished her a happy birthday and we hope you have all had a great weekend.

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