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Engine Names, Roser and Tanner

Now we have to do Roser and Tanner together as we know they are always together and best friends, and it just wouldn’t be right to write about them in separate posts.

When Wendy wrote the book “Roser and Tanner, Steam Roller Friends” she wanted to let people know that these two rollers are best friends and do everything together. They are based on two different makes of rollers, one being a Fowler (Roser) and the other a Wallis and Steevens (Tanner).

At the beginning their names were a little difficult to find, trying many different ones, like Bert, Dave, Sean, Mary, Caroline and so on, but none of them felt right. Wendy wanted something that ties them together as best friends. Then one day while reading through the story again she got it, Roser and Tanner, as these were real people that Wendy knew and yes they were always together and best friends, they were her own parents! Their real names being Dave and Joan. Roser and Tanner are what her parents nicknames were and she thought this worked very well – even Wendy’s children had called their grandparents Roser and Tanner, so that’s how these two lovely characters got their names.

Sadly Wendy’s father, Roser (Dave), never got to see her story books as he passed away in 2009 so she thought this would be a nice way to thank him for being the best Dad.

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