Wendy's House

Cleaning the Living Van

This weekend Wendy has been cleaning and tidying her living van. Known as “Wendy’s House” it’s been nearly 2 years since it has been out and it really needed to be emptied of everything, it had become a bit of a dumping place over the 2 years. Wendy said “If we had nowhere to keep something we would say, ‘Oh just put it in the wagon for now!'”. This was fine but nothing ever got moved back out the wagon so she made the effort to sort it out as we are off to a steam rally in a couple of weeks and she needed to be able to cook and sleep in there.

Sadly Wendy didn’t take a before picture but we do have an after picture (above) and one of Wendy standing in the doorway after the big clear out.

We will be off on the road this coming weekend, hoping to drop into Hollycombe on Sunday and then off on the road early Monday to make our way to Sussex and the Balls Cross Charity Rally on the 4th & 5th September.

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