Starting to take lagging sheets off

Busy start to 2023

We have had a busy start to 2023 behind the scenes here at Victoria’s Torton Tales; now with the festive season and the New Year finished with we can look forward to 2023.

Wendy is busy promoting her books as always and trying to get them out to more people, so if you can, please help her by sharing details of her books with all your friends and family, every little bit helps, and is greatly appreciated.

Victoria is due her big 10 year test! Each year she has a boiler test but this year is her 10 year hydraulic test, which means she has to be taken to bits and then a good health check is carried out. When we have more news for you on this we will of course keep you updated.

Our trailer is still at Amberley Museum and they are making use of it doing trailer rides when they have one of their own engines in steam.

The living van is now here at home full of “stuff” and it needs a good sort out but seems to be in good health, I think.

As for the crew, we are looking forward to the 2023 season and we hope we have as much fun as we did last year, and of course hope to meet many of you at events throughout the year.

A few pictures of Victoria being stripped of her lagging ready for her 10 year test.

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