Lloyd and Dink at Balls Cross 2022

Balls Cross 2022

We have had a great weekend at The Balls Cross Steam Rally, luckily the weather stayed dry for the 2 show days, although we did have a big down pour on the Friday afternoon, but we were all set up so we watched from the comfort of our large gazebo and Victoria had her big cover on so we all stayed dry.

The rally was a good event as always, we had moved into a different field this year, with the main field being used for all our exhibits and the steam just over the hedge in the next field. This did mean we had a lovely big field to chuff around, which was great, and although we did feel a little off the main field, we still enjoyed our time and I think it will work well. It’s always nice to have a bit more room for exhibits.

We meet so many of our friends and made some lovely new ones. Thanks to all who stopped by for a chat, or took a picture or two, and to those who purchased our books. It’s always great to have a chat.

Here are a few pictures from the weekend… Enjoy!

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