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All four storybooks written by Wendy Wakelin in the series Victoria's Torton Tales.

Victoria's Busy Day

"Victoria likes nothing more than spending a busy day working with her owner, Mr Seward, and friend Albert, bringing the sacks of corn in from the fields. Today there's a surprise when she discovers something in the barn at Mr Andrews' farm!"

Follow Victoria, Mr Seward and Albert threshing the corn and transporting it to Mr Andrews' farmyard, and find out what Victoria discovers.

Pop Comes to Sewards' Yard

"It had been quite some time since poor old Pop was last in steam and helping Mr Andrews on his farm. When Pop was found by Victoria and Mr Seward they said they would help him, but that was weeks ago! Pop longed to be out in the sunshine instead of being stuck in a cold, damp and dusty barn with junk piled up around him. Will that day ever come?"

Follow Victoria and Mr Seward on their trip to Mr Andrews' farm to see if they can help Pop!

Roser and Tanner Steam Roller Friends

"It's an early start for best friends, Roser and Tanner, the steam rollers. As usual, Tanner wants to get going, and Roser is happy to be out and about with his friend. On this trip, Tanner is given the chance to try something new, that normally only Roser does. Will she do it?"

Follow Roser and Tanner as they raise steam and head out to do their work and find out what Tanner has a chance to do for the very first time!

Victoria and the Teddy Bear

"It's only a few days until the Teddy Bears' Picnic Party, and Victoria is very excited to be going. She would really like to take a teddy bear of her own to the picnic, but Mr Seward doesn't have one for her, so asks Mrs Seward if she can help."

Follow Mrs Seward and find out if she's able to get a teddy bear for Victoria to take to the picnic!

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Enjoy all the Fun and Adventures with Victoria The Traction Engine and friends from "Victoria's Torton Tales"

Wendy Wakelin's stories from Victoria's Torton Tales and these books, Victoria's Busy Day, Pop Comes to Sewards' Yard, Roser and Tanner Steam Roller Friends and Victoria and the Teddy Bear have become firm favourites with children across the world. These charming picture storybooks, and their lovely characters of Victoria and her friends, have found their way into the hearts and bedtimes of children everywhere and are sure to continue to bring enjoyment to children for many, many years to come.

Every child should have at least one of the Victoria's Torton Tales storybooks in their home, making this story time bundle a great read!

These books are the perfect size for children, parents and grandparents to share and even read together; big and colourful. Remember to keep an eye out for little creatures to find in the large friendly pictures of Victoria and her friends throughout these books.

Happy Children reading Victoria's Torton Tales book.
Happy fan of Victoria's Torton Tales on the footplate of Victoria with her book

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Children absolutely love the stories from Victoria's Torton Tales.

What Victoria's Fans say about their books...

Marie Austin

I have two very happy boys this morning. Thank you for our book.

Victoria Rose

Fab books x

Wendy Dawes

Brilliant books my 3 year old loves it especially when victoria is a marshall the same as ours

Valerie Bull

My granddaughter loves these books awaiting next.

Jo Wothers

Look forward to reading these with my granddaughter.

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