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Children love the fun filled adventures with Victoria and her friends in Victoria’s Torton Tales.

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Who is Victoria?

Victoria is a steam traction engine who lives with Mr Seward and his other engines in the small, little known town of Torton, nestled in the hills of the South Downs somewhere near the market town of Petersfield.

She has two large back wheels and two smaller wheels at the front, three brass bands around her boiler and a tall, elegant, black chimney with a gleaming brass top.

Victoria is a very hard working engine and enjoys having fun too. While puffing through the villages and towns, she likes to see how many people jump when she gives a quick “Peep, peep!” on her whistle.

“It’s wonderful to know the stories are being enjoyed, so much, by so many children.”

Wendy with her two books and Victoria the traction engine r2 c2
Author Wendy Wakelin with Victoria the Traction Engine

The Story behind Victoria’s Torton Tales

Wendy Wakelin, the author of Victoria’s Torton Tales, grew up in the small market town of Petersfield in Hampshire, England. From 6 weeks old she was taken to Steam shows and railways across England by her parents. As she grew up she always thought how wonderful it would be to one day own a steam engine of any type.

Fast forward to 2002 and the day came, the day Wendy and her husband Lloyd would buy a steam traction engine called “Victoria”! This engine was originally bought new by Lloyd’s great, great grandfather in 1886 to start a Threshing and Haulage business in Petersfield. In 1969 the engine was sold. Wendy and Lloyd were thrilled to have the opportunity to bring “Victoria” home!

A few months after bringing “Victoria” home, Wendy wrote the first two stories about the engine’s adventures. These stories became firm favourites with Wendy’s children at bedtime.

The years passed by and Wendy’s children grew up. The stories were put in a box in a cupboard and for a few years were forgotten about. Then late in 2015, Lloyd happened upon the stories and with encouragement from a good friend it was decided it was time for other boys and girls to enjoy the stories as much as Wendy’s children had. This was the beginning of the journey for “Victoria’s Torton Tales”.

“Everyone who has bought the books say their children love them,” says Wendy. “It’s wonderful to know the stories are being enjoyed, so much, by so many children.”

Jo WothersThe Story Books from Victoria’s Torton Tales

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Victorias Busy Day cover

Number of Pages 24
Number of Illustrations 11
ISBN 9780995524507
Height 21cm
Width 21cm
Cover Price £6.99

Victoria’s Busy Day

Victoria likes nothing more than spending a busy day working with her owner, Mr Seward, and friend Albert. Today there’s a surprise when Victoria discovers something in the barn at Mr Andrews’ farm.

Take a sneak peek inside Victoria’s Busy Day…

Marie Austin

pop cover

Number of Pages 24
Number of Illustrations 11
ISBN 9780995524514
Height 21cm
Width 21cm
Cover Price £6.99

Pop Comes to Sewards’ Yard

It had been quite some time since poor old Pop was last in steam and helping Mr Andrews on his farm. He longed to be out in the sunshine instead of being stuck in a cold, damp and dusty barn with junk piled up around him. Will he ever leave the barn again?

Take a sneak peek inside Pop Comes to Sewards’ Yard…

Victoria Rose

roser and tanner cover

Number of Pages 28
Number of Illustrations 14
ISBN 9780995524552
Height 21cm
Width 21cm
Cover Price £6.99

Roser and Tanner Steam Roller Friends

It’s an early start for best friends, Roser and Tanner, the steam rollers. As usual, Tanner wants to get going, and Roser is happy to be out and about with his friend. On this trip, Tanner is given the chance to try something new, that normally only Roser does. Will she do it?

Take a sneak peek inside Roser and Tanner Steam Roller Friends…

Valerie Bull

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