Become and Affiliate and Get Paid 20% Commission

Become an Affiliate and Get Paid 20% Commission per Order

Thank you for all your support. We’ve been thinking how we can give back to you, our fantastic fans.

So, we’ve put together a simple scheme where you’re rewarded when you help promote and pass on the love for the Victoria’s Torton Tales storybooks and in return for affiliate sales you make on our website, we give you 20% of the value of the books etc. in the order.

All you have to do to earn 20% commission on sales from our website is:

  • Register for an Affiliate account (more details below).
  • Use your very own affiliate links to promote our online shop.
  • When anyone using your link purchases books, greetings cards, colouring pictures or bookmarks, you get earn 20% commission on the value of the products they purchase.
  • We take care of accepting payments from your customer and shipping the order to them.

Example Earnings:

Customer purchases the following from our website using the affiliate link you gave them…

Victoria’s Busy Day £6.99
Pop Comes to Sewards’ Yard £6.99
Roser and Tanner Steam Roller Friends £6.99
Victoria’s Torton Tales Colouring and Activity Book £6.99
Happy Birthday Greetings Card £2.00

Total Product Order Value = £29.96 plus postage.

Your Affiliate Commission 20% = £5.99

When an order associated with your affiliate account is confirmed as delivered to the customer and your affiliate account balance is at least £30, we will pay you directly into the bank account of your choice.

To get earning and spreading the word, simply click the button below, login with your existing customer account or create a new one and follow the instructions. We will then check your request and if everything is OK we’ll approve your affiliate account and you can get promoting and earning.

Steps for Affiliate Registration

Step 1

Start by clicking the button above “Become an Affiliate”. If you’re not currently signed in to the website you will see the following page where you need to sign-in or create a new account.

become affiliate account login

Step 2

If you signed-in using your existing account, move on to Step 3. If you created a new account you will need to go to your “My Account” page and click the “Become Affiliate” button to start the registration as shown below:

become affiliate button

Step 3

Complete the registration form and click the “Ask for Approval” button.

become affiliate form

Step 4

We will check your registration request. You can check the status of your request by going to the “My Account” page and click on the “My Affiliate Account” button.

become affiliate access account

Step 5

Once your affiliate account is approved you will see the following page. Here you will have access to your affiliate link to publish to potential customers.

become affiliate account

Details of Your Affiliate Account

From your “My Affiliate Account” page click on “Summary” to see information of your sales, and “Campaigns” to see and add campaigns to your account, which will generate different affiliate links for you to use to monitor your sales.


become affiliate account summary


become affiliate account campaigns

Product Specific Affiliate Links

To use an affiliate link for a specific product, go to the product page on the website and while signed-in you will see your link on the page: