Victoria being cleaned

Easter Weekend 2021

We hope you have all had a lovely Easter weekend and not eaten too much chocolate!

It has been a busy weekend for the VTT gang, with the sun shining and no rain it was time to get out and start getting ready for when we can take Victoria out for a trundle.

We are hoping to strengthen the bed of the trailer with adding some extra metal and putting a tow bar on the back of the trailer. Lloyd and Kev had a good look at that to see what needed doing, also some of the side boards need replacing and the floor so it’s going to be a big job, nice to see the trailer though.
As you can see it has some lovely new banners on it; these were put on there in early March last year ready for what we hoped would be a good rally season, but that didn’t happen, so nobody has seen them as of yet. What do you think?

Lady was also uncovered and having a bit of TLC, Wendy took the chance to sit in her favourite seat. Lady is hoping to have her steam test some when in the next week or two and then she will be ready for a trundle too.

Victoria was un-sheeted for the first time of 2021, she is now all ready to have water put back in her and as it was such a lovely day we decided to give her a clean and start making her look like her shiny self that we all know and love. Although, when we first uncovered her she looked dirty, she soon started to shine, Jack even doing all the brass on her footplate while Lloyd and Alice started on her boiler bands and paint work.

Jack has bought yet more old lawn mowers so he has enjoyed fiddling around with them, while Harry and Alice steamed up all their Wilescos.

Looking forward to the sunny days ahead…

Keep safe everyone.

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