News from Victoria’s Torton Tales

A heart felt message from Wendy

Date posted: 2nd November 2020

Wow, we are now at the beginning of November already, where has 2020 gone? Sadly we haven’t been out to any events this year with Victoria which has meant we’ve missed meeting you, our fans new and old, and haven’t been able to sell our books, cards and T-shirts, from our stall. It’s been very […]

Wendy out with Lady

Date posted: 23rd September 2020

This weekend Wendy was out steering Lady, this was the first time of 2020 that Lady has been out

Vehicles other than Victoria

Date posted: 8th September 2020

We thought we would show you a few of our other vehicles we have other than Victoria.

Victoria has been uncovered

Date posted: 2nd September 2020

With the summer now nearly over and Victoria hasn’t been in steam so far in 2020

A little catch up post

Date posted: 13th August 2020

We thought we would do a catch up post and a bit of another look back post

Look back

Date posted: 2nd July 2020

Here we are in July and still no rallies for Victoria.